Andon System


Production Monitoring and Data Reporting System

  • Break away from traditional 7 segment display
  • Your Smart production monitoring, Reporting & Alert system
  • Easy plug & play
  • Low maintenance
  • Single controller Configurable for 2 or 4 lines

General Specification

Nirikshak- N1 Nirikshak- N2
No of Lines 2 4
OPC Feature No OPC Yes
Remote Monitor Yes @
Remote Control No Yes
Remote Configuration Not applicable Applicable
Templates Line-1:- 2 Template
Line-2:- 4 Template
Line-1:- 2 Template
Line-2, 3 & 4:- 12 Template
Plan Setting Method Daily cycle plan
Break Time Setting 5 Break/Shift/Line
Input 2 channel for Increment 4 channel for Increment
2 channel for Decrement 4 channel for Decrement
2 channel for line down event 4 channel for line down event
2 channel for material shortage 4 channel for material shortage
2 channel for Alarm acknowledge 4 channel for Alarm acknowledge
Output 2 channel Relay for Tower lamp 4 channel Relay for Tower lamp
2 channel Relay for Alarm 4 channel Relay for Alarm
Display Output VGA or HDMI Resolution 1366*768 @ 60Hz (16:9)
Support any Commercial LED/ LCD Monitor/ TV/ Projector
Reporting Via Email Via Email, SMS
Log Function Yes
Alerts To Store, Maintenance and Production.
Alerts configuration 10- Email, 10-SMS
Access level setting Yes
Shut down function Manual, Auto or Shift
Mounting Type Table Top, Wall
Power Requirement 230 VAC
Approx. Dimension (H*W*D) (320*100*220)
Approx. weight 4.5kg

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