Cluster Speedometer


Test in Cluster(Speedometer)

  • Rpm Flicker Test
  • Short Circuit
  • Speed Test
  • Burn Test
  • Ignition Test
  • Fuel Changover Test For CNG
  • Eol Test Machine
  • Pointer Press Test
  • Led Testing

General Test

  • Cluster test includes illumination current test for all LED
  • Also it include LED load current and cluster load current checking.

RPM Flicker Test

  • The scope RPM flicker test is to check the deflection of speed indicator.
  • Speed indication needle should be constant for constant speed, it should not vary or deflect while bike is running.
  • This test is conducted for analog meter.

Speed Test

  • The scope of Speed test is to check the deflection in speed in digital form.
  • Speed indicator should display constant value for constant speed.

Burn Test

  • The Scope of burn test is to check fuel resistance test. So that fuel meter can show exact fuel level in tank.
  • Also it include Indicator test for headlamp, fuel bar, left right, paddle sensor.
  • Also check for battery charge indicator test.

Fuel Changeover Test

  • The scope of Fuel changeover test to check the fuel mode of vehicle whether it is petrol/ diesel or CNG.
  • This test is conducted on the basis of resiatance.

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