Four Wheeler Switch Testing

Switch Testing

Today’s Automative Industries uses highly designed switch with single push for better performance which starts from engine start, power window, steering wheel, dashboard with music control. So switch with all Automated features will make switch Testing critical konem offers fully automated end of line, endurance machine with data log and report generation facility for following application

For Four Wheeler

  • Mirror Switch
  • Power Window Switch
  • Light Level Switch
  • Combi Switch
  • Ac Control Switch
  • Master Light Switch
  • Piano Switch
  • Steering Switch

General Testing Sequence

  • Short Circuit
  • Wire Interchange
  • Continuity
  • Load Current
  • Voltage Drop
  • Flickering Detect
  • Graphical Response Plot
  • Force Measurement
  • Displacement Measurement
  • Data Log
  • Report Generation

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