Providing cost effective automation solutions that can be customized and tailor made to suit your needs.

Software Development Functionality development using various latest technologies that can be well adapted in any industrial environment.


Having partnered with several companies, both large and small, in developing and launching customized machines to increase throughput.

Product Video's

Some of our product videos, demonstrating our capabilities in the field of Industrial Automation

Automobile Power Windows Manufacturer. Capabilities of the Test Rig are as follows: 
Can scan 36 channels in real time
Voltage drop measured using Data Acquisition Device for all 36 Channels in Real time
Force Measurement of individual Switch Possible.
In all 10 detents provided so that any kind of Power Window Switch could be checked
Continuous operations using Servo Motor thus ensuring reliability
Entire test rig can be placed in an Endurance Chamber to check the Switch at High and Low Temperature as well as humidity
Reports of all the above parameters made.


This Auto Feeder for Press machine was developed to make a manual press machine and automatic one. Key Features after automation were as follows:
Eliminated human completely from the running line. Thus saved any serious injuries that can occur in any press machine
Increased throughput
Reduced wastage or scrap. Consistency in scrap.
Only unskilled labour required. That too only in loading the sheet metal
Could run 24/7 consitently.

This machine is a demonstration of machine vision at work. Key features of this machine are;
Visual inspection of components that are going to be assembled, before they are being press fitted in the housing assembly.
Poka Yoke of missing parts, done automatically by camera
Automatic activation of cylinder if components are assembled OK.
OK/NOK displayed on screen along with fault identification
Ensuring no faulty parts are passed on to the next assembly.

This machine is a demonstration of machine vision + PLC automation at work. Key features of this machine are;
Checking of the auto component for its required parameters such as continuity, voltage drop, current
Checking the sequence of the assembled product
Checking for latched/unlatched state
Machine vision of the object,
To check correct knob being assembled,
Led Interchange Check
Intensity Check
Confirmation of OK part with auto Dot Mark / Batch Mark/ Barcode Print

This machine is a Universal Combi Switch tester - Mock Up Tester
  All in one unit to check variety of Combi Switches that are used in Cars and Trucks
Both On Load Testing and Continuity testing possible

  Low current as well as High current switch testing possible
  Different Load Indicators for Hi / Lo current switches
  Upto 30 functions can be checked in single test rig along with resistive based switch testing
  Easy change over of actual load using the actual vehicle loads like lights, motors etc
  State of art PLC based system to mimic vehicle level condition, like flashing left and right turn, waiting on INT position, etc
  Easy Operator Interface to select different Combi Sw via simple touch
  RPM at which auto-cancellation takes place is shown on the HMI
  System capable of checking both 12V / 24V switches
  Easy on Cost.

This machine is a Automatic End of Line Testing Machine- For Ignition Lock Set
  Fully automatic machine to check various varieties of Ignition Lock - Set's
Barcode and Ping Marking machine integration (Poka -Yoke)

  Key insertion removal with pneumatic gripper mechanism
  Continuity vs angle, Torque vs angle and Displacement vs Angle plotted
  Linear and Rotational Servo driven mechanism for absolute accuracy

This machine is a Semi -Automatic End of Line Testing Machine- For Combi Switch Testing
  Checks for Continuity of each function in a pre-determined sequence.
On- Load testing along with several Poka-Yoke's to determine switch's quality

  Safety Curtain Sensor's to safe guard operator safety.
  Auto-Cancellation mechanism to check cam cancellation during turn operation.
Barcoding and report generation facility on OK condition.

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