Providing cost effective automation solutions that can be customized and tailor made to suit your needs .
Software Development
Functionality development using various latest technologies that can be well adapted in any industrial environment.


Having partnered with several companies, both large and small, in developing and launching customized machines to increase throughput.

Product Video's

Some of our product videos, demonstrating our capabilities in the field of Industrial Automation

Software Development
Today’s manufacturing setups rely increasingly on technology. It is common to have all sources of equipment on the shop floor, commanded by industrial PCs or PLCs connected by an industrial network to other factory resources. Also, production systems are becoming more and more autonomous, requiring less operator intervention in everyday normal operation. This requires use of computers for control and supervision of production systems, industrial networks and distributed software architectures. It also requires design of application software that is distributed on the shop floor, taking advantage of the flexibility provided by using programmable equipment. Consequently, there is an extensive mixture of human and machine labour in actual manufacturing systems. That situation, while desirable because agility is a key issue for productivity and efficiency of actual companies, poses some difficulties to efficient cooperation between humans and machines. Human-machine interfaces (HMI) are consequently very important in taking advantage of the flexibility and capabilities of installed production machines in cooperation with their human operators.
KonCheck is a PLC or PC based data acquisition and control software solution for SPM’s, designed and "customized" according to the user requirement used in Quality Assurance to do mundane tasks like testing products that will conform to its rated standards. Designed and developed in Matlab, its robustness lies in the foundation of the mathworks, founded in 1984, The MathWorks has become the leading global provider of software for technical computing and Model-Based Design (http://www.mathworks.com )
Product Photos:


KonCheck for Speed Sensor

(The above software checks the PWM output of the Speed Sensor, and calculates its duty cycle, its sinking and sourcing current as well as the number of pulses at a given RPM)

KonCheck for Igntion Lock-Set

KonCheck for Power Window

(This software checks the functionality of a Power Window Switch and finds any kind of electrical abnormality).

Koncheck for W201- Mahindra SUV Combi Switch

(This software checks the functionality of a Combi SW(Light and Wiper Sw) and finds any kind of electrical abnormalities)


Koncheck for LOGAN LCS switch



Machine Vision(EyeKon for 4 cameras + Koncheck)

(This Software checks the electrical functional testing of a Combi Sw as well as the visual aspect of the switch for any kind of printing mistake or any parts missing etc)


Machine Vision(EyeKon) + Koncheck

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